Multitasking is so unbalanced!

“So what’s one of your greatest assets?” he asked during my interview.  I said boldly, “I’m great at multitasking.” He laughed and my boldness coupled with a confident smile suddenly turned into a confused yet defeated look.  His words: “for it is impossible for man to skillfully complete several task at once without one or more of those tasks being fulfilled to the best of your ability. Therefore, young lady, I would prefer, because of the nature of this job, to have a candidate who can organize and prioritize his/her task so that each task receives the attention it deserves.” After a few minutes of discussion, he told me to avoid using that term because leaders want employees who can prioritize not multitask.

Maybe you are the person who likes to take care of several tasks all at once, but if you truly think about it, that is super overwhelming and difficult for the brain to process. Balance is all about giving specified time and attention to the different areas of your life whether is work, church, family, marriage, friendships-each area wants your time.  But here is the kicker for me-balance has a hierarchy in my life called priorities. When that hierarchy is out of order, meaning when I put something or someone over the important things in my life, well guess what-my life gets crazy.

So here is my hierarchy-God.Family.Work (friends are included with family). In James chapter 4 it tells us to draw close to God and He will draw close to us.  Additionally, there are several verses in the New Testament that talk to us about the headship and Christ being first.  If we put God first, everything else will fall into place, but the moment we put our jobs first, our families first, our desires and wants first, things seem to get a bit whacky.  Think about the days we don’t spend time with God.  We feel rushed, overwhelmed, weary, tired and sometimes defeated.

In this life, we have to do as the director who interview me said-prioritize.  If you have stuff on your plate that is causing your life to be unbalanced, it’s time to remove it. If you are not putting God first, it is time to think about the hierarchy that rules your life.  If that hierarchy is out of order, life is unbalanced.  If you are giving too much time to some thing (TV can be my too much time) and not enough time to other things that are important in your life, it is time to disconnect. When life is prioritized and in order we have peace.  Isaiah 26 verse 3 says He will keep us in perfect peace if we keep our minds stayed on Him.  Don’t you want that Peace to linger in your relationships and clothe you with love, strength and joy as you go through your days? Well here is your answer: stop trying to multitask your way through life and remember, prioritizing our life with God first brings us peace. When we have peace, we have joy that the world did not give us and it surely cannot take it away.

Remember, it’s a faith journey y’all.  No matter where you are in the hustle of life, you must have faith!

Tamika W.

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