On Faith & Leadership: Episode 1

Episode 1_ On Faith & Leadership

Y’all, this week I’m having my pajama party!  Not sure what I’m talking about. Well, listen to this first (many more to come) podcast I conducted last week with one of my favorite leaders, Dr. Coletrain.  During our brief conversation, she shared some personal challenges as a leader and some strategies she continues to use become better.  Boy oh boy did she keep it real, but my huge take away from our conversation is that leadership and faith cannot be separated.  And you have to learn how to balance the act daily.  While every day will never be the same, stay true to who you are and keep the faith.  Enjoy!

“Welcome to One Faith’s Journey’s first podcast.  I am just so excited that you all are here to listen to me today talk about faith journey with a leader.  It is my sincere prayer that you are going to gain some insight from our topic on today, which is on faith and leadership.  Today to share this exciting journey with me is an inspiring educational leader, Dr. Robin Coletrain.  Dr. Coletrain is a principal of a middle school.  She is passionate about growing teachers and students and I’m just really happy that she set aside some time from her busy schedule to chat with us today. So let’s jump in.”

Tamika W.


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