The Clean Eating Challenge! Are You In?

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Are you in the same boat as me?  I woke up one day and said NO MORE!  So what did I do.  I thought about times I was successful at clean eating.  Yes, I’ve been down this road before.  I did a vegetarian move for a year and only ate seafood and veggies.  I slowly started adding in chicken and other meats.  So as you see that didn’t last too long.  The next fad of mine was the Smash Diet.  I will say I loved Ian Smith’s book.  It was super easy to follow and I achieved great results.  Two years ago before I got married I did a local dietician plan and again, achieved great results.  But then came the baby and you get the story.

So, I’m back with Dr. Ian Smith enjoying The Clean 20 and I want to extend an invitation for you to join in some clean eating and quick exercising daily. What do you get out of it?  Well it’s simple:

  1. Grocery list of clean foods
  2. Recipes (some of my own that I’ve adapted from The Clean 20)
  3. 5-10-15-20 Minute Exercise to do daily
  4. Weekly motivation & tips
  5. 21-Day Calendar to help you track your progress

Are you down? Are you ready to take charge or recharge your healthy habits? Hey, it only takes 21 days to make a habit, good or bad, so let’s do something good to help us overcome some bad eating habits.

Below is a link to sign up. You will receive all five items for free.  We’ll have a few post throughout the challenge to share your achievements with our readers too!  We got this!

Click Here>>>

And remember y’all, it’s a faith journey!

Tamika W.


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