Celebration Time 4 You!

You ladies know I’m always preaching about stop being busy. Work on your schedule. Learn how to say no.  Even in the midst of scheduling, working, being a wife and a mom, I’m learning to take some time to celebrate Tamika.  We all have duties that we must take care of, duties that are important, duties that you are called to do.  However, even after all the duties, we some times (most times) find ourselves operating on 5 hours of sleep, little social time for friends, and giving so much time helping others.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my duties but I also need some me time.

When you find yourself feeling a little empty on “you time” remember self-care is important.  I think I’m going to start calling it “Celebration Time” instead of self-care because I want to be as free as I can.  To celebrate, I’m stepping out of my box to do some enjoyable things.  I’m going to try a few of these & you should too!


Tamika W.

4 Ways to Celebrate You!

5 thoughts on “Celebration Time 4 You!

  1. You must have been reading my mind. Calendars on top of calendars with so much to do. I finally told myself that I have to make time for me and just stop and slow down for a minute. Thank you for sharing.


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