I’m Rewriting My 2020 Letter

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2020 is literally right around the corner.  Whether you win the game or not is dependent on how well you score during this quarter.  Last year, I was asked to write a 2020 letter to myself, detailing where I wanted to see myself in the year 2020.  I just read the letter and let me tell, none of it happened.  NOT. ONE. SINGLE. WORD. To be honest, at first I was disappointed.  I wrote about blogging full-time and having brunches and starting a nonprofit called 100 Pearls for first generation college girls. Again. NONE. OF.IT. HAPPENED.  What happened instead? Life.  Sometimes we layout these great plans and life throws us a little curve ball.  Unexpectedly, our plans are pushed to the side to focus on something else.  OR unexpectedly, our plans are pushed to the side because we become distracted.  In the moment of disappointment, I asked what have you done this year Tamika that was successful.

Allow me to reintroduce myself to you.

I am Tamika L. Shuler Washington, wife, mom, blogger, podcast host, educator and owner of Converspace.  I am passionate about helping women and children love their purpose, live out their kingdom assignment and learn daily through personal and professional development.  I have spent this last year defining my place in the market, learning about the business-side of life, and juggling work-life-balance (which you know that does not exist).  Learning the business side of life definitely has brought me lots of joy, pain, and everything in between.  I’ve learned that I can only depend on God.  My faith was tested many times and each time it brought me back to a place of totally surrendering myself to Christ.  Being in this place simply reminds of why I named my blog, One Faith Journey.

The business side of life has connected me with some awesome people, especially women who understand the struggles and triumphs of getting a business started.  Aside from business, I had to find myself and redefine myself.  Can I be honest? There were times I didn’t have the confidence in my own abilities to complete a task.  That lack of confidence coupled with being new in the marketplace led me to a sunken place of feeling alone.  Did I mention the balance tried to take me out.  Listen, try going from being a wife, a new mom, new blogger, and starting a business while still working a full-time job.  I don’t know what I was thinking but I knew it was right and I still believe it was the right move.  But…business gets lonely y’all and while everyone is screaming about finding your tribe, it took me many, many months to get here. Its hard to decipher who is who and who is real.  Social media makes everything look great but reality is, its not.  I had to disconnect, reconnect, and connect many times before I found the right jam.  Along the way, I lost sight of God.  I did exactly what the bible tells us not to do-lean on our own understanding.  Because of my ways, I lost time, money, peace and trust.  I lost sight of my why.  BUT GOD! He is so mindful of His children because He loves us. Have you ever been so deep into something that you don’t hear your mom calling you? After you hear that scream-call when they call out your entire name, you snap out of it.

Tamika. Tamika Shuler Washington. TAMIKA LAVETTE SHULER WASHINGTON! Yes, Lord.  I’m sorry. I hear you. I surrender. That’s what the last 3 months of my journey has looked like.  Yes, Lord. I hear you. I’ll follow your lead. I’ll trust you.  Thank you Jesus.

If I had to rewrite the letter over for 2020, here is what I would say:

Dear 2020,

I am excited that you are a few months away.  I’m expecting great things after all the warring I’ve been through.  My vision for 2020 is wrapped around three words: pray, plan, and pursue.  God showed me a vision of what life would be like when I accepted His call.  After several years of running, a few months ago, I decided to stop and obey.  Now that the book and planner are complete, I plan to PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING, PLAN ACCORDING TO GOD’S WORD, AND PURSUE MY GREATNESS WITH BOLDNESS! 2020, I’m ready to receive all that you have in store for me no matter how difficult the road was and may seem, in 2020 I’m expecting great things in my family’s life and my life.  What does that look like: speaking, connecting, traveling, and writing.  The August project launch date will be set in stone and Converspace will be sustaining itself as a venue.  Congratulations, you’ve stepped into another lane with technology.  Girl, you are helping people pursue their purpose, love their kingdom assignment, and learn daily personally and professionally.

As I rewrite this 2020 letter, I have to highlight my accomplishments.  First, I opened up a venue, which started as a coworking space and now has quickly become the affordable, accessible space to host, gather and grow your business. or organization.  Second, I’ve made a great name for myself in the business community as someone who is genuine and sincerely wants to see people become successful.  Third, I’ve connected with some amazing womenpreneurs and they’ve supported many of my events, many initiatives like the Business Shower, and much more.  Finally, I’ve reconnected with God like never before.  Through this reconnection, I’ve become a better communicator at home.  I’ve learned to have more patience with myself. I’ve learned to say no (again). I’ve learned to trust in God through all circumstances.

I want to challenge you to write yourself a 2020 letter. Start out by confessing some weak areas. Share your struggles. Share your accomplisments.  Where do you see yourself? How will you incorporate prayer before you plan and pursue? Prayer is our weapon against the enemy and it keeps us connected with God. So my dear friends, if you have not already, write the 2020 vision letter and make it plain.

How can I pray with you this week? Feel free to email me or leave a comment.

Remember, no matter where you are in the hustle of life, you must have faith!

Tamika S. W.

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