Every Mom Longs for Peace

Have you seen the commercial where the mom packs up everything, walks out the door and forgets the kids? I love that commercial because it speaks to the everyday mom. I know our days can be rushed, frazzled, and not enough time to do all that we have to do. We spend so much time … Continue reading Every Mom Longs for Peace

Progress Ain’t Pretty

****Originally posted June 16, 2018 on http://www.mzimperfect.com as a guest post**** Recently a friend of mine started a bathroom renovation project. She showed us pictures of the bathroom before, during and after. On the first day of renovation, she knew that things would look a little messy but when she sent the picture to her … Continue reading Progress Ain’t Pretty

3 Things That Happen When We Say No

Day Three Reflection: Lessons Learned When We Slow Down Yesterday I was supposed to meet my cousin to give her some items as she prepares for a new baby.  Our meeting was supposed to be 1 PM.  In the midst of rushing out the door, having to go back home twice, running late for her … Continue reading 3 Things That Happen When We Say No

The Powerful No Leads to a Best Yes

Day Two Reflection: Let's be real ladies.  There are only 24 hours in a day and 7 days in week.  Where in the world do we have the room to squeeze in "just one more thing". But here is the problem with us.  Saying yes is easy while saying no is simply too hard.  For … Continue reading The Powerful No Leads to a Best Yes