Disaster: Seek Shelter

pexels-photo-932402.jpegHow many times do you put an outfit together and when you put it on, it is a total disaster? This is a weekly adventure for me.  My mind visualizes one thing and my body screams, “No ma’am!” As I rip open drawers, clothes fly chaotically throughout my room.  I look at the clock and it says leave now or you’ll be late.  I ignore it in search of the perfect outfit.  After several changes and mean looks in the mirror, I often settle for something.  I rush out the house like a madwoman.  Those are the days that my wardrobe defines my day.  Rushed. Frantic. Discombobulated. Chaotic. I approach my day with uneasy feelings of how will other see me or questions about my outfit, seeking approval from others. And then somehow, God sends me an instant message that says “why are you worried about your outward appearance? Why have you let this define your day?”  Matthew 6:25 reminds us to not be anxious about life nor about what we will eat or drink.  So why do I find myself panicking over my appearance?  Furthermore, Gods word reminds us that He is not like man, looking on the outward but on the inward, our hearts.  When my days are rushed, frantic, and chaotic because of my wardrobe, it is often the days that I forget to hold God’s word near and dear to my heart, first thing in the morning. Instead of focusing on my outward appearance and allowing my wardrobe disasters to ruin my day, I know I need to tune into God so that he can direct and guide me along the way.  Have you had days like this?  If so, it is ok.  God is just to forgive and guide us closer to Him, if we will only let Him.

Psalm 37:4 says “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” So spend more delighting in God and not things of this world and He will give you blessings and more blessings.

How do you overcome “disaster days”? Leave reply & inspire others!

Remember, it’s a faith journey y’all!

Tamika W.

One thought on “Disaster: Seek Shelter

  1. I was having one of those days today! I didn’t get the time that I needed with God before my day started and my negative whirlwind engulfed my attitude and spilled over into nagging my daughter.
    I repented and prayed about this on my way to work but it was still eating at me.
    This post was God’s reminder to me about His grace. Thank you! 😘


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